Question: How Do I Reactivate My Florida General Contractors License?

How do I prove my contractor’s license experience in Florida?

How do I Prove the Experience

  1. Employer name and address.
  2. Dates of employment.
  3. Employer phone number.
  4. Name of qualifying agent for employer and their license number.
  5. Your role within the project.
  6. The dates of the project.
  7. The trade areas involved in the project.
  8. Project name.

What is the penalty for working without a contractor’s license in Florida?

The crime of Contracting Without a License is a First Degree Misdemeanor. If convicted of Contracting Without a License in Florida, a judge can impose up to one (1) year in jail, one (1) year of probation, or $1,000 in fines in addition to any civil penalties imposed by the Florida DBPR.

What is a CILB contractor?

The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (“ CILB ”) controls licensing and regulations for the Florida construction industry. When applying for a construction license, the CILB will meet to consider the application. The CILB also reviews disciplinary cases and conducts informal hearings regarding licensure.

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Can a contractor work under someone else’s license Florida?

F.S. §489.127(4) adds that licensed contractors may not allow their license to be used by another,46 nor apply for a permit for a project for which he or she does not have a contract, the latter covering those not infrequent situations in which contractors “rent out” their licenses.

What are the requirements to get a general contractor’s license in Florida?

Florida Contractor License Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Submit proof of a credit score of a 660 or higher.
  • Scan an electronic fingerprint.
  • Provide proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Pass the Florida State Construction Examination.
  • Fill out your contractor license application.

How do I get experience as a contractor?

Becoming a Contractor Through Apprenticeships and Work Experience. Apprenticeships are one of the most common ways to prepare for the license exam. You can work with an experienced contractor for 3-5 years, learning the necessary skills and getting an idea what the job looks like in the field.

How much of a deposit can a contractor ask for in Florida?

Therefore, if you pay a Florida contractor more than 10 percent as a deposit, he/she must abide to a certain timeline in completing the work contemplated. If the Florida contractor does not abide to that timeline, he may be found guilty of theft pursuant to the statute.

Is it illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor in Florida?

In Florida, it is a criminal offense to engage in contracting work or to act in the capacity of a contractor without a valid contractor’s license. Unlicensed contracting is a serious crime carrying misdemeanor or felony penalties, depending on the number of prior convictions.

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Can a felon get a contractors license in Florida?

Can a Felony Prevent me from Getting a Contractor’s License in Florida? An individual is still able to obtain a Contractor license, even having a felony on their record.

How many companies can a Florida contractor qualify?

You may qualify two or more businesses. The application to qualify an additional business entity is available online starting at Apply For/Update Licenses.

How much does a qualifying agent make in Florida?

As of Jul 2, 2021, the average annual pay for a Qualifying Agent in the United States is $39,510 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $19.00 an hour. This is the equivalent of $760/week or $3,292/month.

Who needs a contractors license in Florida?

In Florida, contractor licensing is done both at the state and local level. If you want to perform work anywhere within the state of Florida, you will need a Certified License, and if you want to perform work in a specific city/county, you will need a Registered License.

Can a licensed contractor hire an unlicensed subcontractor in Florida?

It’s Illegal to Hire an Unlicensed Contractor in the State of Florida. In Florida, if it’s discovered that a contractor knowingly hired an unlicensed contractor to do work for them, they can be subject to fines and, potentially, have their license revoked.

Can a Florida general contractor pull a roofing permit?

Within the requirements to subcontract is the roofing scope of work. This means that while certified general contractors can contract for the roofing work, they cannot self-perform the roofing work.

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What can a building contractor do in Florida?

A general contractor’s license in Florida ALLOWS you to: Build, repair, and remodel any type of building, regardless of size or number of stories. Remodel any type of commercial or residential property. Perform clearing, grubbing, grading, excavation, and any site work for any construction project.

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