Quick Answer: How Do I Renew My Massage Therapy License In Florida?

How do you get recertified as a massage therapist?

Renewal Requirements

  1. 24-hours of Continuing Education from NCBTMB Approved Providers* 3 hours must be in Ethics.
  2. Pass a criminal background check (performed by NCBTMB)
  3. Agree to uphold NCBTMB Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics.

How many CEUS do massage therapists need in Florida?

Here are the Continuing Education requirements for Florida licensed Massage Therapists: A maximum of twenty-four (24) hours of Florida Board of Massage Therapy approved continuing education must be obtained by all licensed massage therapists during the biennium of September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2021.

How much is a Florida massage license?


Fees Amount
Application fee (non-refundable): $50.00
Initial licensing fee: $100.00
Unlicensed activity fee: $5.00
Total: $155.00

Who regulates massage therapy in Florida?

Florida Board of Massage Therapy ยป Licensing and Registration- Licensing, Renewals & Information.

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What are the disadvantages of being a massage therapist?

What are the Disadvantages of Massage Therapy?

  • Time Engaging. We live in a busy world where time factor is a rare commodity.
  • Expense. Trained and accredited therapists earn a living conducting massage therapies and they are not free.
  • Physical Injuries.
  • Awkwardness.
  • Aftereffect.

How much does a LMT make?

Average Massage Therapist Salary by State

State 2019 Mean Annual Wage 5-Year Average
California $43,690 $42,433
Colorado $45,380 $44,882
Connecticut $47,520 $47,417
Delaware N/A $51,153


How much does it cost to renew massage license in Florida?


Active to Active $205.00
Active to Inactive $255.00
Inactive to Active $355.00
Active to Retired $205.00
Inactive to Retired $205.00

What are Florida’s continuing education requirements?

All Florida -licensed LPNs, RNs, and APRNs are now in a 24-month renewal cycle and must complete 24 hours of appropriate continuing education during each renewal period.

How many massage therapists are there in Florida?

Geographic profile for Massage Therapists: Top

State Employment (1) Hourly mean wage
Florida 6,450 $ 19.49
Colorado 5,240 $ 22.12
New York 5,180 $ 26.58
Texas 4,440 $ 20.36

How much does massage therapy school cost in Florida?

For the academic year 2020-2021, the average tuition & fees are $10,700 at Florida School of Massage. The typical cost for purchasing books and supplies for programs is $400. The total cost of attendance is $25,158 when a student lives off-campus.

Do you need a license to give massages in Florida?

Unless you have a license from the Florida Department of Health, you may not offer any massage services in the state of Florida. There are three basic routes to licensure in Florida: Examination, Endorsement, and Apprenticeship.

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How long is massage school in Florida?

In short, you can expect most massage therapy schools in Florida to be around 8 or 9 months long. Of course, part-time time students will have to spend close to a year in school, depending on the specifics of the program.

Are massages legal in Florida?

1. No massage establishment shall be allowed to operate without a license granted by the department in accordance with rules adopted by the board. 2.

What is the cost of an apprenticeship application for massage therapy in Florida?

Finally, students cannot avoid some expenses; at the time of publication, the state requires all applicants to pay a $155 application fee when applying for a massage therapy license.

How do I transfer my massage license to Florida?

You must show proof of your current state massage license, or any past licenses you have held. To do this, you need to contact the state massage board (s) where you are/were licensed. They will need to forward proof of your license to the Florida Board of Massage.

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